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Barclays uses cookies on this website. They help us to know a little bit about you and how you use our website, which improves the browsing experience and marketing – both for you and for others. They are stored locally on your computer or mobile device. To accept cookies, close this notice and continue browsing as normal.

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Privacy and Cookies Statement

Barclays Group and Barclays Bank Ireland PLC as a member of that Group (‘Barclays’, ‘us’ or ‘we’) respect your right to privacy in relation to your interactions with this website.

How we will use your information

Barclays will not collect any personal information about you when you use this website. We cannot identify you personally when you use this website. This website may collect statistical and analytical data. No attempt will be made by us to associate or link you personally to this data. We use this information in order to improve site quality and service levels.

If we collect any personal information about you we will let you know we are doing so in advance of collecting such information and let you know how we are going to use it. You may then decide whether you wish to provide us with such information. If you decide that, having provided such information, you no longer wish us to use this information or it becomes out of date, you may contact us and we will either rectify or erase the information as required.

Any information provided by you will be treated with strict care and security in accordance with the Data Protection Acts 1988 & 2003 and/or any other relevant legislation which may be adopted in Ireland from time to time. Any personal information we collect on you will be kept strictly confidential and will not be disclosed unless we are required to do so by law or you have consented to it.

Cookies and how we use them

What we use cookies for:

Internet cookies are common and do not harm your system – they just store or gather site information. They help you do things online, like remembering logon details so you don’t have to re-enter them when revisiting a site.

We use cookies to:

 1. Gather customer journey information across our sites.
 2. Ensure your privacy in our secure sites.
 3. Temporarily store details input into our calculators, tools, illustrations and
 4. Store details of your marketing, product and business unit preferences 
     to improve our targeting and enhance your journey through our sites.
 5. Evaluate our sites advertising and promotional effectiveness (we own the
     anonymous data collected, which is not shared with anyone).

We use both our own (first party) and partner companies’ (third party) cookies to support these activities.

We don’t use cookies to track people’s Internet usage after leaving our sites and we don’t store personal information in them others could read and understand. We will not sell or distribute cookie information without your prior consent.

Services requiring enabled cookies

Some of our services require cookies in your browser to view and use them and to protect your financial and personal information.

By “our/we/us/ours” we mean Barclays Bank Ireland Plc and its wholly and partly owned subsidiaries and any company in which it has an interest by way of shareholding or any company in a group of companies to which it may belong including Barclays Bank PLC (‘our group’). By “our sites” we mean any internet website operated by Barclays Bank Ireland Plc and any company in our group.

More information

What are cookies?

Collection of information
Cookies are harmless text files that web servers can store on your computer’s hard drive when you visit a site. They allow the server to recognise you when you revisit. There are two main types:

Transient (or per-session) cookies - these only exist for your site visit and are deleted on exit. They recognise you as you move between pages, for example, recording items added to an online shopping basket. These cookies also help maintain security.

Persistent (or permanent) cookies - these stay on your machine until expiry or deletion. Many are built with automatic deletion dates to help ensure your hard drive doesn’t get overloaded. These cookies often store and re-enter your log-in information, so you don’t need to remember membership details.

We use both types of cookie.

Additionally, cookies can be first or third party cookies. First party cookies are owned & created by the website you’re viewing. Third party cookies are owned & created by an independent company, usually a company providing a service to the website owners.

How to change your cookie settings (opens in a new window) - if you rejected cookies and now want to use them.

Links to other sites
You are reminded that links to other websites from this site are not in the control of Barclays and we have no control, nor do we accept any liability for the privacy policies or standards of those sites.